Renewable energy is a future market, because the world energy demand is constantly increasing! The demand for resource-saving energy rises and is partially regulated by law! Performance improvement and cost reduction are essential for large-scale and global introduction of renewable energy systems. Not production but the development of new processes, increasing efficiency and marketing are the keys to success

Our top areas:

positioning in the renewable energy market as a highly innovative company

  • Our own developments for energy
  • Development and sales of high-performance modules
  • Research in the field “use cosmic rays”“


Prototype analysis and development to production stage

  • Construction of test equipment and test equipment in our own laboratories
  • Implementation and use of new knowledge and methods of energy use in mobile and immobile regions


Production in existing cooperation Company

  • Galaxy Energy products: Powerful high quality monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar modules Our are made of German and European components in Germany and Asia. All items such as cells, glass, junction box and cables are tightly controlled. The PV modules are manufactured in an ISO9001 certified production according to the state of the art.


Sales and marketing in their own hands

  • Through its own sales activities, the maximum penetration is achieved
  • Using intelligent marketing to the world famous brand


Market Analysis by market feedback and customer contact for successful innovations

  • Feedback from the customers for market-oriented products
  • Testing phases involving the customer wishes