As every year, the hard core of the solar industry met in Bad Staffelstein, but only one could win the innovation price 2013.

Around 900 experts from the field development/research came together at the 28th symposium of photovoltaic solar energy. Among them were many manufacturers of PV-components and any number of experts from institutions and universities. The whole week long, all the knowledge could be exchanged during the exhibitions, presentations and the following discussion forums.


Der PV-Markt wird zunehmend schwieriger, was von den politischen Entscheidungen und der hohen Konkurrenz untereinander, abzuleiten ist. Dieses Fazit stellten beim Rückblick nicht nur die Veranstalter sondern auch die einzelnen Referenten fest. So ist es nicht verwunderlich, dass trotz erstmaligem Rückgang der Teilnehmer oder gerade deshalb, immer mehr Firmen am Innovationswettbewerb teilnahmen. Statt den üblichen 9-10 gingen dieses Jahr 19 Bewerbungen ein um sich von der Elite der Branche als innovativste Firma prämieren zu lassen.


The PV-market becomes increasingly more difficult, this can be deduced from the political decisions and the high competition amongst each other. This conclusion was not only confirmed by the organizer but also by every single speaker. It´s not surprising that despite the first-time decrease of participants or exactly because of this reason, more companies participated in the innovation competition. Instead of usual 9 – 10, this year arrived 19 applications to be awarded by the elite of this industry as most innovative company.
Necessity is the mother of invention! This is nothing new for Galaxy Energy and the only reason how you can survive on the market is to work on innovations and sustainable products.


On March 7th 2013, the time had come, for the12th time the innovation price were rewarded from the ranks of experts (the jury with representatives of OTTI, Fraunhofer ISE Freiburg, TNC Consulting AG from Switzerland and others). During the laudation it was pointed out that the first place never has never been so coveted and at the same time so clear. The overall concept and the well thought system application down to the finest detail had convinced the jury. With this introduction, Manfred Schöll received the innovation price 2013 for the Galaxy building. Manfred Schöll, after announcing the award: „We are proud to hold against very big competitors with the help of our drive and the Swabian inventiveness.“