We test our modules to your maximum load.

And to say that not only give you “We could put a car on your roof,” no -. But so that you can be sure that in the strongest wind load and snow load zones, you can enjoy the sun even without hesitation

To ensure the security overhead, we have carried out various tests for you.

1. Walk on modules

For this purpose, an already damaged module on the frame was launched. In 3 passes, ran persons of different weight classes on the module. The glass-film laminate operates as a safety film, thus preventing the breaking of the glass. The glass jump structure was uniform and without visible main point of impact. Conclusion: We can make a breakthrough to ensure security for people moving on the modules.

2. The test case

In further 3 passes a 60kg heavy sack of 2.5m height was dropped on the module. Again, bounced off the Gals Film lamination of the bag. The glass jump structure had a clear impact force in the frame corners in this test. CONCLUSIONS: Even a fall from a height of 2.5 m at the center of the module surface holds a Galaxy Energy module

3. Maximum load

In the last passage we wanted it then also know – what keeps our PV module actually. Covering an area of a page of A4, we piled in 25kg increments weights on the photovoltaic module. In addition to the deflection of the glass-film laminate and the long side frame members were no special features to note. Only at a weight of 650 kg, we observed for the first time, a change of the frame corner. This began in the bond to open. But what would happen at a longer load of 650kg – the test was for 24 hours in this state to stand. No more bending or opening of the frame members was found. From this moment on our test team was made only to destroy the module and grabbed a 25kg package after another on the photovoltaic module. At 790kg then was actually closing – the PV module crack in the center of the laminate and the frame buckled on the long side in the middle. CONCLUSION: There was a uniform deformation of the module are determined – three times the deflection at about six times the load. Maximum load is 790kg!