Why not killing two birds with one stone? Translucent terrace roofing and a high-quality pv plant in one! Four or six pv modules form the water-resistant roofing and create a base area of 5 or 10 m². It offers enough space for bikes, garden chairs or a small car. The Casibo provides sun protection, a kind of terrace, a place to read a book, a sandbox roofing or a small parking space.

Informing the commune is often not necessary as you do not require a building permit for small constructions. But maybe it is advisable to inform your neighbours in order to avoid later conflicts.

Casibo Terrasse


The trend in the photovoltaic sector is moving in direction self-supporter with smaller plants that can also be financed without a complex financing. The home consumption of electricity is getting more and more interesting. You can easily help to increasing your home consumption by a terrace or a balcony.

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Shade place

In case of using Editon Modules with translucent with back side film you have 10 % day light under your Casibo roof. Furthermore, the security glass of the modules offers UV resistance. And should you require more light – you can easily add the LED-clip-system.

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Asthetics for your roof

Our module frame offers asthetic as it is black anodised and harmonically with the cover tubes, the sealing and the color of the modules.

Your advantages in a nutshell

The casibo is delivered in an already assembled version – no assembly, no additional costs. The floor is also already layed – terrace floor slip resistant Casibo is available with or without EEG! With an annual consumption of approx. 3000 kWh you have a daily use of 8 kWh. With your Casibo you can produce around 800 up to 1000 kWp electricity for yourself. Thanks to that your independence is increasing. As self-supporter you are now producing 33 % of your electricity. Your solar power station produces over 20000 kWh electricity for you in 25 years. Depending on your electricity tariff – Casibo is financing itself.Means for you: Waiting and enjoying the sun. Casibo (14)_web

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