The most environmentally-friendly industrial building

Today, building-owners expect more than just a functioning PV system to attach to their structure. While quality, longevity and economic efficiency of the PV system are still demanded, the total energy and esthetic design of the entire solar system plays an increasing role. Many companies have considered how to enhance the look of their systems, often using sheet metal and other shielding materials to make on-roof systems more attractive and architecturally compatible. Increasingly, people are choosing integrated components, incorporating PV modules into the building design. The integration of PV into a building is not the answer to all issues, but with care to avoid system complexity, provide proper ventilation, and use quality construction practices, it can bring substantial benefits over conventional building designs. An integrated system can do more than just look good! It has to create a harmonious balance between form and functionality, and wherever possible, be an economically interesting alternative.


By reducing material (for instance the conventional roofing), not only the weight of the construction is reduced but also the capital cost and installation time. By this roof construction, warm air is drawn in and “pumped” to the ice storage. This has a cooling effect on the PV modules which increases their efficiency and the heat removed can be used as thermal energy. A latent storage system enables seasonal heating or cooling. Depending on the season, heating/ cooling vents and a floor heating system can be operated with warm or cold water. By extracting energy out of a 500 m³ tank, and using proprietary technology to take heat from water at lower than freezing temperatures, 80+ degrees of heat units beyond those available from sensible heat can be stored. During the warm month, the frozen mass is an ideal element to cool the building and melts the mass again in the same way. This is why energy consumption is reduced to a minimum and it is more than covered by an elegant roof. An emission free and industrially manufactured object turns into an energy+plus building which needs no oil, gas, wood or other fuels used in conventional systems.   [wpdm_package id=’1033′]