For even more flexibility to meet your needs!

The new breed of 80 ‘/ 40 Indachprofil than 3. girder cross-section in the Galaxy range now offers even slimmer design possibilities.

 This has the following advantages for you arise: Existing terraces can be retrofitted with PV so very easy Often the UK is available with small cross-members and can be reused   Perfect for Innroofs on housing as an alternative to bricks and roof

2-layer battens, bricks, roof hooks, PV = 30 cm Composition 50 kg/m² bricks + PV onroof 13,8 kg/m² = 63,8 kg/m²
Cross-pieces per 1.50m, 80/40 profile, PV = 15 cm Composition Crossbars 1.1 kg / m² + 80/40 roof system 15.1 kg / m² = 16,2 kg/m²
Half body height! ¼ of the weight

Surges to 1.50 m and supernatants to 75 cm possible   Less weight and more light for renovation Old roofs with small purlin (max. 1.50 m) can be restored fully lined with 1/3 of the previous weight. The roof surface is completely smooth, produces 160 watts / m² and has the additional 11% light into the building   Full-size roof deck with rail and seals Of course, the 80/40 with all remaining roof components is compatible