Whether residential, office building or agricultural building – the insulation is up to you.

The newly developed rafters can be used to install insulating sheets. T-grooves on the underside of the rafter are provided to insert fasteners. The Galaxy inroof system can such be used to construct an insulated or non insulated roof. This insulation system enables a light translucent insulation for the Galaxy Energy inroof system. To take full advantage of the inroof system, 2 different types of insulation have been developed.


90% light translucence
U-value of 0.9

ribbed double sheets

60% light translucence
U-value of 0.8


The first version has a light translucence of about 90% and an U-value of 0.9. If you can go without 40% of the light but still needs an U-value of 0.8, you can also choose a cheaper option? Both insulations are mounted underneath the rafter profile without any cold bridge. The insulation can be integrated 100 % into residential buildings, industrial buildings, warehouses, agricultural buildings and many other types of buildings.

Additional advantage – by fixing the insulation creates a ventilating channel. This causes a chimney effect, and enables maximum cooling of the modules.


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