With our charging station, you can quickly and easily charge your e-Mobile. What makes it more interesting that electricity for charging vehicles comes exclusively from Renewable Energy. The Galaxy Energy is a slim, nicely designed and robust system specially designed for outdoor charging. Such systems are not only suited for private households, but also in restaurants and business areas for example shopping centers or public parking space. 

At your command

A space-saving design made it possible to install the charging station near the parking space. The charging station is available in different versions and one can decide based on his/her requirements. Choose the way you want. Once you have chosen, then decide yourself how many and which connections you need.

simple and easy

Many charging stations are with enormous technology and controllable. Not with us! Which private household needs authentication or settlement service? Also restaurants and shopping center give away the electricity to customers during your stay or parking space for employers who don´t need technology.

the basic package

Every charging-station owns a casing of aluminum. Always there would be LED display located on the side. The LED will appear light blue when the charging station is free, LED shall appear Light red during charging and Light green when its fully charged.

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