Look closely – it’s worth it!

German quality

The precision assembly of all of these components is the signature of the Galaxy modules.
This very fact enables us to offer a 10 year product guarantee. The combination of the performance guarantee for 25 years ensures a secure investment for the future.
All of our modules are conform with the necessary certificates and offer the best assurance.
Every module is flashed before and after lamination and is EL-tested to detect any possible micro cracks.

Increased output

Because of the positive performance classification the actual power output is in access of the nominal rating.
The performance selection of the module rating is based on a 5 watt interval and is calculated on a plus performance tolerance.
The purchase of a Galaxy module assures you that you will get the performance you paid for.

For example: we classify a high performance module between 245 watt to 249 watt as a 245 watt module. This increases the expected performance and gives you a higher return on investment.

Production facility

Galaxy’s manufacturing plant is equipped with the most modern equipment.
Quality is our highest priority.
The high efficiency modules are produced and certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and with employing state of the art technology.


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