Install one MW a day!

ROI, is the magic word for every investor. It‘s favorably achieved with the “Galaxy Quick Click System”, without jeopardizing quality and workmanship.

After years of research, Galaxy Energy succeeded to develop a new and revolutionary Ground Mount System. A faster installation combined with considerable savings in material makes the Galaxy Energy Quick Click unsurpassed in the industry.



The fast installation time of the Quick Click is achieved by simply assembling the frames and modules with a new and innovative snap-in method. No screws or fasteners or special
tools are required to complete the assembly of one frame and three modules by two installers in less than five minutes.



The strength of any system is as good as its weakest component. Galaxy’s engineering department has addressed this issue with an uncompromising approach designing each component of the system for maximum performance. High alloy galvanized steel members and the unique design resulted in a 40% savings in the cost of material compared to systems currently offered in the industry.



Because the system has no ridged long cross rails a difference in elevation can easily be overcome. The main pole are rammed or embedded into concrete blocks. Both, South and East-West installations are possible.

Assembling the frames and modules is done in 3 easy steps.
Inserting the cross braces, assembling the top rail and installing the modules.



Not only the module optic, also the increase in yield make the bifacial module technology so interesting. Therefore the reflecting sunlight is collected at the back of the modules and also generates electricity. This effect can be fully exploited with our system, because it has no cross rails which cause shading of the modules on the backside.



The none rigid connection of the modules makes a stress free installation caused by thermal expansion possible. Tests were successfully done in wind loads 4 and snow loads 5 by selecting modules with a stable frame and a spacing of two meters between every pole.



The Galaxy Quick Click System guaranties a fast implementation of a PV Farm which will greatly impact the bottom line of the investment without compromising the quality of the installation.

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