Why don´t kill two birds with one stone, translucent terraces along high-quality photovoltaic systems all in one.

A terrace canopy can extend living room and be a protected place outdoors. Important is the protection from rain, snow and intensive sun rays. Our inroof terrace allows incidence of light and provides optimum protection against all such external influences.

The way to the local community can usually be saved as building permits are only required for very large buildings. To avoid conflicts between close adjacent neighbors, their consent should be obtained in advance.

self consumption

The PV- trend is definitely going towards smaller instalations and self consumption. This can be realized without expensive financing. Such Systems permit to reduce the initial investment costs, the material and the necessary labor for the setup in comparison to a traditional construction where PV modules replace tradiotional building elements.

Terrasse mit Windowdummys

shady place

When using Edition modules with transparent backsheets, 11% of daylight falls under the terrace. Moreover, the safety glass of the modules is UV-impermeable. However, if the 10% incidence of light is not enough light for you, there can be installed instead of the conventional PV modules a “Window module“.

89150_Galaxy Energy_4885-2_16xGS265mTs_4,24 kWp_4_web

winter garden

The patented Galaxy rafters offer the possibility to fix insulation. Like the installation of the solar modules on the upper side of the rafter profile, we can easily fix the insulation panes on it‘s lower side. In this way, the Galaxy inroof system can be used also for winter garden.

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