Through the redevelopment of the roof construction it is possible to construct a roof without using conventional roofing like trapezoidal sheets, eternit panels, roofing tar paper or shingles. The modules can be mounted directly to the aluminium rafter and replace the conventional building material.

By using the Galaxy Energy BIPV-System and the Galaxy Energy photovoltaic modules, we guarantee that the In-roof system is completely rainproof.

In the U.S. we have not been protected from imitators, this has changed this year. Our system is now protected by a patent. With our branch in Canada, we have the perfect partner for our business in America.


In April 2012 we opened our unique building in Berghülen a small village in Germany.
The industrial building is able to produce the entire energy needs. It is independent from any external energy. All the energy we need in this building is produced by the Sun. With an latent storage system we can heat and cool the office building.

We prefer only environmentally friendly and free the resources available in the form of sunlight, air and rainwater. The Galaxy Energy building is the most environmentally industrial building in the World! We have been awarded several times.